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Painted Staff Picks (05/09/2018)

Wow! Free Comic Book Day weekend was craziness! We hope you had lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS of fun! And the excitement does not stop there. Let's get to some Painted Staff Picks!

Adam's Pick

Justice League: No Justice #1 (of 4)

Adam's Pick

Writters: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Francis Manapul
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: AndWorld Design

Dark Nights: Metal left the DCU transformed in ways both terrifying and wondrous-and only the Justice League is strong enough to face the threats to come...or are they? Four giant beings comprised of the universe's major energies-Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy-who sustain their life force by devouring planets are on their way to destroy the planet of Colu. The only way to take down this unimaginable threat is for the superhero teams of Earth to forget everything they thought they knew and form new alliances.
What secrets of the cosmos will Superman, Martian Manhunter and Team Mystery discover? Will Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Team Wonder awaken alien magic they cannot put back to sleep? What can Harley Quinn possibly have to teach the rest of Team Wisdom? And most importantly...why the heck is Beast Boy on Team Entropy with Lobo and Batman? Find out all this and much more in the most exciting, bombastic event of summer 2018! In this kickoff issue to the four-issue miniseries, after Brainiac systematically takes down all of Earth's super-teams, the last thing the League expects is for him to ask for their help! Without their aid, his home planet and the universe are both doomed!


There is a hole in the Source Wall. This has not only led to new magics. New super powers. But also... New Villains. Ones that are ready to seek out and destroy Earth. With the Omega Titans already on their way, new teams must form and fight together. It is the dawning of the new Justice Leagues!


Barrier #1 (of 5) Collector's Edition

Funky's Pick

Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
Artist: Marcos Martin
Colorist: Muntsa Vicente

From the Eisner Award-winning team behind The Private Eye, Barrier is an unconventional drama about violence, language, and illegal immigration...with a shocking sci-fi twist. After debuting on, this critically acclaimed five-part miniseries finally comes to print, exclusively from Image Comics. After making the massive, 50-plus-page first issue available to mature readers for FREE on Free Comic Day, this special collector's edition of the first issue is being released in a larger size to match the next four issues being released WEEKLY throughout the rest of May! Printed in its original "landscape" format (side-stapled for convenient shelving!) and graced with gorgeous cardstock covers, each comic is meant to be a durable work of art, and there are no plans for these print issues to ever be collected, so the only way to own your own copies of this groundbreaking story is by supporting your friendly neighborhood comic shop!

Funky's Pick II

Repeat!!! This will never be combined! Come grab the single issues, arriving weekly, today!!!

PS: As Issue #1 was available (as a non-collectors edition) on Free Comic Book Day, this actually makes it the SECOND week #1 is available. It also means that #2 is also on shelves now!

Adam's Pick II

Venom #1 (Leg #166)

Adam's Pick II

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Inker: JP Mayer
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC's Clayton Cowles

In the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York, and with it, something equally evil has awakened in that most Wicked of Webslingers - VENOM! Still a Lethal Protector of the innocents in New York, this never-before-seen threat could force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear - including Eddie Brock! Join two of the hottest creators in comics today, Donny Cates (God County, Thanos) and Ryan Stegman (New Mutants: Dead Souls), for a VENOM adventure a thousand years in the making!


Venom is still on the side of good. Fighting as a champion of New York City. But for how long? A new foe has arisen within the city and it will cause the symbioteto question its choices. Will this enemy cause Venom to turn back and leave his new life of heroing, and maybe even his host, behind?

Need more? We got you! Come on by and we can offer you even more delightful comic tales.

Painted Staff Picks (02/14/2018)

What do we do best? We mean... Other than being one of the best Comic and Gaming Shops! We are the best at talking books! And we want to talk a few right here, right now. Here are this week's Painted Staff Picks.

Funky's Pick

Death of Love #1 (of 5)

Funky's Pick

Love sucks. Philo Harris is going to do something about it. After gaining the ability to see the Cupidae that make love work-after a particularly bad drunken decision-Philo ends up going to war with love itself. With a chainsaw.

What is the most dangerous thing in the world? Love. Love stops time. Love breaks lives apart. Love kills. And enough is enough! Philo Harris is going to stop Love's dangerous game. With the most dangerous weapon... A chainsaw!

Yes... This book is exactly that much fun! From creators Justin Jordan (Family Trade) and Donal Delay, this new  mini-series, perfect for anyone whom has ever experienced the goods and evils of love, arrived just in time for Valentines Day week. Come pick it up now!

Adam's Pick

Skybourne #5 (of 5)

Adam's Pick

Oversized final issue! The final battle over the fate of Excalibur begins, with Skybourne outmanned and outgunned by Merlin and his supernatural forces. Will the magical weapons of the Mountain Top Foundation be enough to slay the beasts? 


It has been a long time coming, and you have been patient, but the culminating issue of Frank Cho's (Totally Awesome HulkSkybourne is here! And the myth and the man come together to defeat the beasts. Will Skybourne succeed in his mission or will Excalibur fall to the darkness? Catch up on the series today!


Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1


Adam's Pick

Continued from the pages of the bestselling DARK NIGHTS: METAL! The Dark Knights ride through the farthest reaches of the Multiverse to track down the unlikeliest of teams: The Flash, Cyborg, Raven and Detective Chimp. The mission: keep these heroes from completing their desperate quest to save all of existence! Plus, Challengers' Mountain crackles with dark energy that will release an army of the world's worst nightmares into the streets of Gotham City! This one-shot also answers the question: Where are the Metal Men? And who is the latest addition to the team? 

What would happen if Scott Snyder (Batman N52) and Grant Morrison (We3, Klaus, Happy) got together and surrounded themselves with DC Comics' best creators.. And then wrote a book that tied into one of the best DC Events of the modern day? That is what happens with the Dark Nights: Metal tie-in, Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1. And you... NEED this book!

We know you were already heading to see us, but... In the small chance you weren't, you DEFINITELY need to come in now! Come by, chat with us a bit and we can offer you these and even more great reads.

Painted Staff Picks (12/20/2017)

You still have time! Come by and grab some great Christmas presents and stocking stuffers! To help out.. Let's talk some Staff Picks.

Adam's Pick

Dark Nights: Metal #4 (of 6)

Adam's Pick

The Justice League has been broken and scattered to the far corners of the DCU, each member forced to face their worst fears alone...and the fears are winning. When an unlikely ally reveals a glimmer of hope, they must seize their chance, or risk their window of opportunity closing for good!

You REALLY need to be reading Dark Nights: Metal from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Not just because their DC Comics New 52 Batman run was A-MAZ-ING. But because Metal is one of the most Rockin' Universe Comic Events in a very long time. The League is fighting against the darkness and we get to witness the mighty and the terrifying. If you have not yet, come in now! Today! The Dark Nights: Metal mini-series is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Funky's Pick

Dark Ark #4

Funky's Pick
Shrae's Ark is in turmoil. What more would you expect upon a vessel populated by the worst monsters in all of creation. Now, however, the Ark has attracted the attention of powerful forces-vengeful angelic forces serving the will of the Lord. From writer Cullen Bunn (X-Men Blue, The Deadpool Killogy) and artist Juan Doe (World Reader) comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

There is always the fight of good versus evil. Especially in the stories of the Bible. While Noah carried two of each animal in his ark, what happened to the creatures of the night? Those whom deserved to survive. Who did as their masters commanded. Well... For all that is like... There is a darkness. And sorcerer, Shrae, helmed the darkness during the great flood. But with so much dark and evil constricted in one place, good could not possibly happen.

Bunn and Does' Dark Ark has been a wild ride since its inception. If you haven't read it yet. Come by. Cause you need this book!

We have these and so many more wonderful Staff choices! Come by and let us help you finish off your Holiday Shopping!